Before Orientation

Before You Arrive on Campus…

Please note this page content is currently being updated. The dates are in the process of being updated and the links are not live until April 2017.

Prior to packing your bags for an exciting two-day Orientation, please consult the following checklist to ensure you are prepared to maximize your first visit to campus as an official Hound. You will need your username and password included in the May 16 letter from Residential Life to access some of these sites:

  • Complete the COMPASS Learning Community Preference Survey
  • Complete the Class of 2020 Student Advising Questionnaire
  • Complete the First-Year Student Housing Preference Survey
  • Take the Math Placement Test
  • Take the Foreign Language Placement Test
  • Read the excerpt of the First Year Common Book for the Class of 2021. Book will be announced.

COMPASS Learning Community Preference Survey

All members of the Class of 2021 are part of a first-year learning community experience called COMPASS (Common Pursuit of Academic and Social Success). Together with 18-22 fellow students, you will take two classes and attend workshops during a common hour. This experience starts by choosing your top five preferences for a learning community through an online surveyThe sooner you complete the survey, the more likely you will be enrolled in your top choice. Please be sure to complete the survey by June 1. Click here to take the survey--it should take about five minutes.

Class of 2021 Student Advising Questionnaire

Assumption faculty are committed to your personal and professional success from the first time you step on campus as a Hound until the day you receive your degree. All students meet one-on-one with a faculty advisor at orientation for 40 minutes. To prepare for this meeting, please complete the Advising Questionnaire which is reviewed by your orientation advisor prior to your arrival and your permanent advisor in the fall. The questionnaire takes about 30 minutes to complete and must be done in one sitting. Please be sure to complete the survey by June 1Click here to take the survey

Questions about advising or course selection should be directed to the Office of Undergraduate Studies at (508) 767-7486. 

Housing Preference Survey

The Housing Preference Survey, must be must be completed by June 8. If you do not complete the Housing Preference Survey, or you wish to make changes, you can only do so on campus during Orientation. Use the username and password provided in the May 16 letter from Residential Life to access the survey.  If you have any problems, please contact Residence Life at (508) 767-7505.

Math Placement Test

To place you into the appropriate Math course, a placement test is taken by all new students. Don't worry, you can't "fail" this test; it is used solely for determining the appropriate level of course for your background and ability. So do your best, but you don't need to study or prepare for it. You cannot register for a Math class, or related courses such as Microeconomics until you have taken the Math placement test. Some COMPASS Learning Communities require a specific Math placement--check the COMPASS preference survey for details. Be sure to complete the placement test by June 1. The test times out automatically after 25 minutes, so make sure you have 25 minutes of uninterrupted time to complete the test to the best of your ability. Access further instructions and the test here.  (The username and password provided in the May 16 letter from Residential Life is required to access the test.) 

Foreign Language Placement Test

Like the Math placement test, the Foreign Language Placement test is used to place you into the appropriate level of course based on your current knowledge and ability, so you don't need to study or prepare for it. If you have taken Spanish, French, German, Russian or Chinese in high school, you need to take the placement test; you cannot register for a course in one of these languages until you have taken the placement test. If you have taken another language in high school, such as Latin, your placement will be determined by the Department of Modern and Classical Languages based on your high school transcript. Be sure to complete the placement test by June 1. For more information and to access the test, click here: Foreign Language Placement Test.

The First-Year Common Book for the Class of 2021

At Orientation, you will participate in a model class discussion with a faculty member of an excerpt from the First-Year Common Book for the Class of 2021. To prepare for this part of the orientation, please read the first 35 pages of the book available in a pdf through the link below. You do not need to print out the pdf; you will receive a copy of the book at orientation. You will need the username and password provided in the May 16 letter from Residential Life to access the pdf on Blackboard.

The model class discussion at Orientation will also prepare you to finish reading the book on your own over the summer and participate in an online discussion on Blackboard. Reading the book on your own and participating in the online discussion will prepare you for August Orientation.

Financial Aid

You have already received information and paperwork from the Assumption College Financial Aid Office.

Completing the Federal Direct Master Promissory Note and Entrance Counseling at and returning the completed paperwork to our office by June 1, 2016 will ensure all the aid you are eligible to receive will be credited to your bill.

If you have any questions please click here or call 508-767-7158 to speak directly with your personal financial aid advisor.

Social Media

Since you are now an official Hound, we invite you to join the conversation on the College’s social media communities, including an Instagram managed by students (@assumptionstudents). We also suggest that you like the College’s Facebook page and follow the College on Twitter. (Tip for first-year students: when classes are cancelled due to weather, the announcement is first made on the Facebook and Twitter pages.)Orientation Team

Students and staff from the Office of Student Affairs have been planning a fantastic Orientation experience for incoming members of the Class of 2021. Your student orientation leaders look forward to meeting you!

Why do we have Orientation? 

Guided by the principles of the Assumptionist tradition, the College’s First-Year Orientation challenges and supports new students in their transition from high school to college. Through interactive, collaborative experiences, students and parents reflect on what it means to be an emerging adult in a college community. Students will begin the creative process of becoming people of critical intelligence, thoughtful citizenship, and compassionate service.