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Program Overview

Physics governs how our universe works, from the paths of the tiniest tiniest drops of water, to the movements of planets and stars. From Archimedes to Hawking, scientists and researchers have sought to understand the fundamental laws that govern matter, energy and motion and use them to build a better world.

At Assumption, you study both theory and application. A minor in physics can be an invaluable addition to a student’s educational path and provide a solid background for a variety of careers.

Natural sciences graduates have an 85% acceptance rate to medical schools, and an 83% acceptance rate to other types of graduate medical programs (dentistry and veterinary schools, etc.). Assumption has articulation agreements with highly competitive graduate programs to offer our students numerous opportunities for guaranteed admission and/or accelerated degrees or intensive scientific study.


Students must complete 6 courses (18 credits) in physics and physics-related fields to fulfill the requirements for the minor. Three of those six courses can double-count towards both a Physics minor and another major or minor.


A special major in Physics, developed in consultation with the department, is possible for students who complete additional course requirements.